Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A gentle soul is the Boy

I am once again joined by my children in the wee hours of the morning. Despite the urge to lash them to their bed and make them go back to sleep, I like my solitude in the morning, I greet them with a fond good morning -- that's how it sounded in my head anyway.

It's 5:45 and they are upstairs, turning on the XBOX and loading Halo into the tray. Actually it's Vincent who is loading the game, Aydin has decided he is going to watch his brother for a little while before heading to the computer to watch his normal round of DYI videos on building Halo characters out of lego.

Vincent is 11-years-old. His almost as tall as his mother and has feet that seem to grow faster than I can buy him shoes. He loves brand name clothing, especially shoes, which is why his Miracle Gro washed feet are such a pain.

What blows me away about him is how much of a gentle soul he is. He is quiet around most folks, polite, and willing to share with just about anyone that's not his brother.

We have had our struggle with honesty -- a phase I am hoping he grows out of soon -- but for the most part he is a good kid.

Today he is playing his game on XBOX Live, hoping that some of his friends in Kimball, Neb. will log on so he can talk to them. I know this move has taken its toll on him and he would love to see his friends. School will start soon and I am certain new friends will be made.

I don't have to worry about this child-I-call-Boy. I know that he will struggle some but in the end he will succeed. Currently he is obsessed with the Marine Corps, especially after watching his new favorite movie, Battle: Los Angeles. Vincent definitely shares my love of Science Fiction.

He comes by his obsession honestly. My brother, Benjamin was a Marine, my late uncle Ron Cossel was one, so was my uncle Tom Stewart, and my uncle Gary Ashland.

Whether he joins the USMC or not doesn't matter to me. I know that whatever this child puts his head to he will do well. I just wish he wasn't doing it at 5:45 in the morning.