Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rediscovering an old album - The Cranberries

While trolling through Facebook status' I came across one from my brother, Benjamin Cossel. It says,"I love it when I rediscover an old album." I couldn't agree more.

More often than not music hits me when I first wake up. No, I am not kidding, I wake up and songs fight to get in my head. Those who know me, or who have read what I have written, know that Flogging Molly usually emerges the victor. Lately though, Flogging Molly has been getting flogged by another band of Irish heritage, The Cranberries.

For several days I found myself thinking about The Cranberries. I never put on any of there songs mind you, just thought about their music. Sometimes I would find myself humming "Linger" or whistling "Dreams." I even strummed the opening chords of "Zombie" on my guitar for a bit, but never actually listened to them.

I did a search on Ebay to see if I could find any of their stuff on vinyl, and of course, I did. But I didn't buy it. No, not yet, got to think about it a little longer. Or, as happens sometimes, forget about it for awhile.

So I spent the better part of two weeks doing my best to not think about The Cranberries. I like to operate on a philosophy shared with me by my afore mentioned brother. He says, "When you want to buy something think about it for awhile, if after a few days you still want it, go get it. Odds are though, you will forget about it and move on." Or something like that, you get the premiss though.

So that's what I do.

Last night I sit down at my computer after dinner and a full arm workout, and load up World of Warcraft - I have been a game geek for a very long time. Don't think I will ever change - load up Itunes and hit play.

I zone in to a dungeon run with some fellow guildies and let the music serve as a soundtrack to my gaming. Wouldn't you know it, The Cranberries come on. Well damn, I think.

I finish the dungeon run, say goodnight to my friends and log off the game, Itunes and my computer. I set up the coffee pot, let the dogs out and then back in, and head to bed. I give my wife, Sheree, a playful rashing of shit, and finally settle down for sleep.

My mind wanders a bit while I am trying to sleep. And, wouldn't you know it, The Cranberries came floating back in.

I first heard The Cranberries in 1993. I was watching Conan O'Brien and they were performing. The song they did was Linger. I was hooked then. I bought the album a few days later - see gotta think about these things - and found I enjoyed just about every song on there.

Finally sleep comes and I settle into my Dreams. A few hours later I wake and in my Zombie state find my thoughts of The Cranberries Linger.

Now, after purchasing, rather repurchasing, Everyone Else is Doing it So Why Shouldn't We, on Itunes, I am rediscovering an old album.