Friday, December 23, 2011

I think I have lost the Christmas Spirit

So this is Christmas, 2011. All-in-all I must say I am not that excited. While I know I should be, I just find Christmas to be a bit lackluster this year.

As things go, this Christmas has been less drama filled than others. There has been some that are filled with great disfunctionality. Thankfully not this year.

My kids are excited, as kids tend to be. I have heard rumblings of staying up late, hoping to catch a glimpse only to be overcome by exhaustion and wrapped in a blanket of sleep and thoughts of next year.

I wouldn't be surprised if once again I am the first person awake on Christmas. Typically I have to go through the house and rouse everyone from their winter slumber.

Then there is the waking up, the jostling for position around the tree, the anticipation of the gifts to come and more. I see their excitement and I am happy for it. I am just not sure that it is bleeding into me.

I thought I caught the Christmas spirit a couple of weeks ago when I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. No one was around, I just brought it up on Youtube and watched it.

Before that a statue of Santa Claus almost poured the Christmas spirit into me; but alas, nothing.

There is clearly plenty of Christmas reminders around me. Sheridan, being blanketed in snow, looks like a country rendition of the North Pole. All the lights are flashing, the stores are open late, people are extremely cheerful, shoppers are rushing around with their packages, Christmas bells and carols ring out across the street.

I see it, hear it, take it all in, digest it, smile, and then move on about my day. But no spirit filling for me.

Maybe as Christmas Eve comes and my friends and family gather around I will begin to get the joyous feeling. If not, I am sure seeing my kids' excitement will remind me of the giddiness of youth. Guess we shall see.