Friday, February 10, 2012

Where does the music take you?

Does music ever take you on a journey? Ok, so obviously you are not actually going anywhere but, does music make your mind fly off to distant places?

Take for instance The Black Keys. When I listened to them I am transplanted from the wintery days of Wyoming to the humid, insect infested, gator-loving swamps of Louisiana. Something akin to True Blood.

I see, in my Mind's Eye of course, myself cruising around in an old 1960's model pick up truck with a hot fairy chick pressing her firm breasts against me as we cruise along. Odd that she looks just like my wife.

I hang my arm loosely over her shoulder, keeping her close. My dark Ray-Ban style sunglasses on, my white t-shirt with one sleeve rolled up, my jeans cuffed, my black boots polished. Oh yeah baby.

But lets switch gears here. Spin the musical wheel and land on Flogging Molly - yeah, you didn't see that coming, I know. As the banjo intro to Drunken Lullabies hits the pub explodes to live. My stout is firmly in my hand, ready to chase down a shot of Jameson. My wife, Sheree, is with me. Both of us are dressed for pubbing. O.k. pubbing isn't really a word, but it is today.

We move through the pub drinks in one hand the other pumping the air, keeping time to the music.

Other bands take me all over the place. Some invoke feelings of season; Blue October always makes me think of winter; some invoke scenes of Boston, San Francisco, San Diego. It's all a journey, all the time.