Thursday, March 8, 2012

Musical excursion, buy the ticket... thank you Dr. Thompson

I've been in a strange mood lately. Not a depressed or happy or anything manic type mood, but one that is creating an odd disconnect from things. 

Work is fine; I enjoy my job. My home life is great; my wife and I seem to fight less and less the older we get. The kids are doing great even with the challenges they have faced at school. 

With everything going well around me it means, to me at least, that the problem is internal. This happens sometimes. I often find I need to look inwards to discover the issue at hand. 

But for now, I am at the launch of this mood and need to ride it out. 

The start always sees me wanting to be wrapped in music. But not just any music. No, it has to be something like Tom Waits, Ray Lamontagne, The Avett Brothers, Leonard Cohen and the such. 

Last night, while editing a story for Sheree, I was overwhelmed with the desire to listen to the album Alice, by Tom Waits. Right before that it was a collection of Leonard Cohen songs beginning with Everybody Knows and ending with Last Year's Man. 

I don't know when this mood will end or what sort of twists it will take. Sometimes it leads to depression, while others it leads to some fun times. I just have to sit back and enjoy this mental jaunt. Buy the ticket, take the ride. HST

Why is it when wake up we are filled with the absolute need to listen to certain songs? Does this happen to you? Have you ever woke up with an urge to hear a song so great that you had to put it on right away? 

I have. It happens to me a lot. I have to assume that i am not the only one in the world afflicted by such. I know I am not that unique. But it happens to me. 

I would wager that I am borderline OCD. No, I am not kidding. I have a tendency to get hooked in something and go hard core until something else comes along and thrusts my mind in another direction. My wife could vouch for this. Hell, she is the one that pointed this out to me … countless times. 

Damn, off on a tangent. Sorry about that. Well, maybe not. Truth is, this is my blog and I often go off on tangents. And you, dear reader, must not seem to mind because you have continued to read thus far. 

I have a friend on World of Warcraft that loves to hit me up with music. Cliff is a great guy and seems to share similar taste as I. 

Recently he told me about a band, Cage the Elephant, and their song Shake Me Down - good tune, give it a listen. 

I need a way to incorporate a soundtrack into these blog posts. So many times I am writing these with music playing as it helps to get everything flowing. Maybe I need to list what I am listening to so you too can get a sense of my mood. 

I suppose I did, a little bit ago, when I listed the bands that are on repeat right now. 

So I think I am going to sign off right now. Spotify is launched on my computer and I need to search the Tom Waits collection. Hopefully the throw of the dice will land on Alice.