Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wow, it truly is A Kind of Magic!

As I was out walking to get the mail this morning I become a bit overwhelmed with the feeling of spring time in Alaska. 

Does this happen to you? A smell outside transports you to another time and place? It does me, in fact, I would wager smell does it faster than anything. 

Spring in Alaska meant a few things to me: school would be out soon, summer job, summer ball, friends, and role playing games. I did mention that I have been a game dork for a long time, right?

It amazing how little tastes change from when we were younger. And of course how amazing greatly our tastes change. I used to think blondes were the sexy things alive, now I think brunettes corner the market. But I digress.

Aside from my playing of World of Warcraft, I have taken up Magic: The Gathering once again. Sheree and I played this for a few years before stopping. We thought then that we were done for good. Ummm… WRONG. 

I mentioned earlier how it is amazing how things do or don't change, well, consider the value of Magic cards. HOLY HELL! 

When I was last playing, the best card to get in a pack was a foil Birds of Paradise. Think eighth edition Core set for a reference. This card booked in InQuest for $90.00. I remember, my friend, Kit Larson took second in a tournament I was hosting and got that card. To us, Kit took first. The regular version of this card booked at about $12. 

So, as a reference for what we considered a valuable card, $5 was a solid rare. In fact, it was a pretty damn good rare. Not now. 

For instance, a Geist of Saint Traft is fetching $20-$25 for a single copy and upwards of $100 for a playset. Oh, for those that don't know, a playset is four copies of a card. 

Granted it's a good card, and granted, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one, but I am not willing to take out a loan to buy a card!

Oh, and the foil card to get: Sorin, Lord of Innistrad. The auction that is closest to closing on Ebay right now is sitting at $65.00 A Korean Foil version is selling for more than $200. 

The value of these cards has skyrocketed and, at least judging by how they are selling on Ebay, they appear to be in demand. 

Maybe with the bad economy people are spending their vacation cash on Magic cards? I dunno. 

What I do know is I wont be buying any of those anytime soon.