Wednesday, May 2, 2012

All elections are predetermined!

The election of 2008 was a lie. Yep, that's all there is to it. That election was a lie.

Ok, so not really. But, I have a thought on this. 

What if who we voted didn't really win? Or, what if our vote was simply for show and the election was predetermined. 

Think about it, you go to the polls, cast your vote, and then trust that someone is tabulating the results. But, in reality, the powers that be have already decided who they are going to appoint our new figurehead. 

So, in order to make everyone believe that the election is real, they pit two candidates against each other in a mock battle. A thrown fight, if you will. 

In this case, it was Barak Obama vs. John McCain. 

They then send the two out across the nation to "campaign" for their cause. But, the truth is, they already know who wins. 

It's just a thought and clearly one that I didn't spend too much time on. I think I will drop it there. 

I have had my blog on lockdown lately as there have been folks trying to use it against me. So, in order to prevent this from happening, I locked it down. 

I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised that even adults can be victims of cyber bullying, but that's what happened. 

This person attacked my character without having ever met me and then tried to cause me grief. I am not going in to too much detail, suffice to say that elderly men who think they are better than everyone else really should fade away into retirement. I mean seriously, you think that being an ass over the internet makes you a tough guy? Get a grip. 

So I suppose this means I am back. I will reopen my blog to the three readers that I have. Just remember, be careful what you post on the internet.