Thursday, January 29, 2015

The use of the word rape is not a joke

I saw a fellow Magic Judge's Facebook post that expressed his disgust about this

Curious, I clicked on the link and was stunned. No - stunned isn't strong enough - I was sickened, disgusted, completely shocked, felt dirty... seriously, I can't list enough ways that this made me feel so terribly wrong.

Quick background: Anita Sarkeesian (the owner of the twitter account for Feminist Frequency) speaks very passionately about women's issues, especially in how they relate to video games. She has received a lot of threats against her life, like what was issued on her twitter page linked above. 

Frankly I don't care if you agree with her or not. What was said to her is WRONG! That's all there is to it.

For men, and I am using this term so damn loosely, to threaten to rape a woman because she is calling out the over sexualization of women in the video games you love so much is disgusting! Plain and simple, disgusting.

Did your parents raise you this way? Would you say this to your mother if it was her saying what was written on Feminist Frequency's twitter account? I sincerely doubt it!

Here is the truth of the matter – WOMEN ARE OVERLY SEXUALIZED IN VIDEO GAMES! It's a fact! And the only way it is ever going to stop is if people stand together and declare enough is enough!

Beyond that, the use of threats and the over use of the word rape needs to end. Rape is not funny, rape is not a joke. Rape is a very real and a very frightening thing for both women and men. I would wager we all know at least one person who was the victim of rape or sexual assault. Including you, the people who threatened the Feminist Frequency writer with rape. Do you think that person finds it funny? Do you think she/he would enjoy seeing you post the vile and disgusting things you said.

Come on people! Where has common decency gone?  

Now I know there is a lot of doubt lingering around Anita Sarkeesian's efforts to bring the issues against women in video games to light. I don't care! We should never...NEVER...say the things that were said to her. It's time to make a change. It's time, and it starts with us.