Saturday, January 31, 2015

Top 3 'Hero' songs

We all have Heroes and there are some awesome songs about heroes. And while I may enjoy many of them, these are my three personal favorite.

Starting with #3.

This is a new song for me as I just heard about it on Wednesday of this week! It has made a HUGE impression on me though. I really enjoy this song. Hope you do as well.

Number 2 is a favorite of mine. It comes from Volbeat - one of my favorite bands - and has an amazing video. Watch it and tell me what you think. 

And number one I love. David Bowie did this song years ago and it is wonderful. With that in mind, I prefer this version. The Wallfowers are a great band and this version is simply awesome. Enjoy!

So there you go. These are my three favorite "Hero" songs. Do you have any? I would love to hear from you - tell me in the comments!