Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Patrick's guide to safe and fair MtG trading

There is an aspect of Magic: The Gathering that can be almost as much fun as playing, trading.

I love trading. I really do. I think it is awesome when I am able to swap something with someone else to help fulfill their needs and my own. I love seeing other people smile at a completed deal. I have even given people cards after a trade is completed if they weren’t able to trade for everything. There is something about it that is just awesome. 

There is also a crappy side to trading. If you have played this game long enough you know what I am talking about. Those people who have no compunctions about ripping someone off.

Let’s face it, Magic cards are worth money. Some can be very expensive. And, if you don’t know what the heck you are doing, or what you have, you can get ripped off.

So let me offer some advice.

Patrick’s tips to trading MtG

1.     BE FAIR! I need to list this first because this is the biggest deal. You need to be fair with your trades. If you are working a deal for a $50 card from someone who doesn’t know what they have, tell them. Don’t just rip them off. Trust me, if I see you ripping off a new or young player, I am going to say something.
2.     Know your cards. This really does go with number one. You need to know what it is you have. There are so many apps/websites out there to help you know the value of the cards. If you have a smartphone I suggest MtG Familiar for Androids and MtG Trades for Iphone. On the web, I like to use tcgplayer.com. Two other very popular sites are channelfireball.com and starcitygames.com
I was able to trade for
these just last week. 
3.     Take care of your cards! This should go without saying. If you want to trade me a card that is worth $50 but it is all messed up, you aren’t getting the full value from me. I may not even take it unless it is a really old card that I have been looking for, for a long time.
4.     Know how your trading partner likes to trade. I am pretty open with my trading. If you tell me you want to trade on value, I am ok with that (actually, I prefer it). If you tell me you like to trade card for card, things get a little different. How? Well, If I am trying to get a chase rare from you, but you only want a .50 rare from me, I am going to tell you to keep pulling cards until we get close. Conversely, if the roles are reversed, it is probable that I won't end up making a deal.
5.     Be respectful. If your trading partner doesn’t want to trade a certain card, move along. Do not badger them to the point they trade something begrudgingly to you. All you end up doing is making them feel terrible about the trade and possibly prevent them from trading with you again. Further, be respectful of someone's collection. Do not pull out cards from binders without asking, please, don't do this.
6.     If you trade online (Facebook), make sure you check references. I have seen too many people get ripped off because they failed to check references. Make sure you do your due diligence!
7.     If you are trading online, make sure you always get tracking on packages you are sending and receiving. It costs a little more bit it is so worth it.

So there you go, those are my tips for safe trading.  While this doesn’t cover everything, it does give you a guideline to be a better, safer trader.

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