Monday, October 11, 2010

Topics, topics, too many topics

Looks like I got some things to cover today and a limited amount of space to cover it in. With that in mind, I am going to take a play out of Tom Southard’s column writing playbook and cover multiple topics in one column. So here we go.
Tonight is the annual open house at the fire hall. This is being done in conjunction with National Fire Prevention week and is a chance for the public to come in and see the hall. Firemen will be on hand to show off the facilities and the equipment used. There is no cost to attend and a light meal with refreshments will be served.
This is a great opportunity for the general public to thank the folks who do their best to keep us safe from fire. The open house is from 5:30-8:30 tonight (Wednesday).
IT HAS come to my attention lately that some people in the public have a pretty skewed idea on how police investigations work. Because of popular television shows, folks seem to think the police should have a case solved in less than an hour. Ok, maybe not that short but the expectation seems pretty unreasonable.
The truth of the matter is that every case requires time. Time to develop leads, time to investigate, time for results to come back from labs, and time for warrants to be issued and arrests made. There is also outside factors that can work against the police. Some of those include new cases, major incidents occurring, or unwilling victims.
If the police have any of these things going on the investigation will slow to a snail’s pace. Not good for someone who is seeking justice. So give them a break. Understand they are trying. If you have information regarding a case give it to them. Police cases get solved with public input. Oh, and starting rumors regarding the case does nothing more than stir anger and animosity. So please, don’t do it.
So that’s two items down, now on to the hardest one. Let’s talk Kimball football.
This can be a tough subject in this town. Everyone wants our boys in red to do well and no one likes it when you talk bad about them. I agree. So I won’t. But I do have some questions for them.
So to the team I ask, what is going on? You got beat by Gothenburg and Ogallala on the field and before the game. It’s true! Several of you thought you stood no chance because the team was state ranked or bigger or faster than you. Haven’t you ever heard of the tortoise and the hair? If not let me remind you.
A tortoise and hair decide to race. The tortoise starts out and remains slow. The hair on the other hand takes off like a bat out of Hades. Guess what? The tortoise wins! Why? Because he ran his race. He set the pace and he outlasted the hair.
You boys have all the talent you need to win against these teams. Are they bigger? Yes. Are they faster? Sure. Are they going to hit you hard? You bet!
But it is up to you to hit them harder, to slow their pace, to control the game and win. And you can do it! I have seen you boys play I know what you are capable of.
You have a strong quarterback in Kendall Ferguson. You have outstanding runners in Dalton Lockwood, Jake Daum and truthfully everyone else who touches the ball. And your receivers! If a ball is close to the likes of Brady Land you can bet he is going to go up and get it. Same for Zach Marosi and Jeff Greenwood. You have all the makings of a strong team! But your spirit isn’t that of champions. At least, not all of you.
Gordon-Rushville is in town on Friday. This is your last home game. So here is my challenge to you. Knowing that you have all the talent you need to win I want you to go out there with your heads up high. Prove to everyone in Kimball that you are just as much the athletes we already think you are. Go out there and hit them hard. Run over them. Control the game. If they knock you down then get up fast and knock them down. If they score on you then by god score twice. If they intercept the ball, then intercept their pass and stop every other pass they have coming at you.
You are the tortoise, you are the underdog. But by god you can play with the heart of champions. Go out there and prove it. Prove it to me, prove it to your friends, prove it to your family, but above all prove it to yourselves. GO BIG RED!