Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A season of politics

So the elections are over. And, I am sure there are lots of happy Republicans out there. After all they Republicans now control the House of Representatives. Good for them! I thought at first this would scare me but, in truth, I am not scared. If anything I am concerned.

Why, do you ask? It’s simple really. With the full split of the House and the Senate this just means further stand still in Government. Hmm not sure that’s different than any other time. So I guess nothing changed really except some name plates. So maybe there isn’t really anything to be concerned about.

Although I think Tea Baggers are something to be concerned about. This group of people, led by the “Momma Grizzly” Sara Palin, is the ones that scare me.

It’s not because they “want to take our country back”, although I would love to know who they are taking it back from, it’s because some of their ideas are so extreme that they break the right and left spectrum all together.

Look at some of their candidates! Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, Rand Paul, etc. The list goes on but these are the top candidates that simply frightened me. Mr. Paul won, so he will be going on to Washington. The other two we were lucky. We dodged a bullet there, that’s for sure.

You know, I wish that parties were done away with all together. It seems so counter-productive. I mean, you go to Washington to represent the people of your district, yet the majority of them end up representing their party and that’s all.

Now I am sure there are plenty of people around the Nebraska area that feel pretty well served by their Senators and Representatives. I think that’s obvious by the number of votes these people keep getting. That’s a good thing. You feel like you are getting the service that you are entitled to from them. I am very happy for that.

However, I would bet there are a decent number of folks who feel the exact opposite. I know I do.
But what can be done about this? I don’t know. See, as long as there is a limited few representing the district as whole, individuals will feel underrepresented. I guess it’s the way of things.

So anyway, here is to the Republicans, you now have the House for a couple of years. I hope you lead us in wise and helpful ways and not just along the party lines.

On another note, over in the state of California proposition 19 failed. For those who don’t know this was the proposition that would have legalized marijuana and allowed the Californian government to tax it.

Not only did the prop fail, it failed miserably. The polls showed an estimated 75 percent of voters turned out to speak against it. I thought this was amazing. I truly thought California would have been the front runner state when it came to this subject. Or maybe the problem was all the pot heads were too high to get out and vote. Maybe Afro Man needs to add another line to his song, “I was gonna cast my vote, but then I got high.”

Have a good one folks! Hope I didn’t abuse my bully pulpit too much this time!