Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Instead of being angry try doing something

Ahh Labor Day, you glorious addition to my collection of three-day-weekends. If only you could have been extended by say, another day. Oh well. The holiday is over and it is time to return to work.

I spent my Labor day doing very little. I played on the computer, cleaned my house, hung up a guitar, did a quick light workout and then watched television.

Lucky for me the Travel Channel was showing my favorite show, No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain.

For those who don't know the show, or at least aren't familiar with Mr. Bourdain, let me enlighten you. Bourdain is a chef, writer, traveler. His grumpy, curmudgeonly, I -am-right-you-are-wrong attitude is raw in a way that television normally isn't; I like it.

I have read one of his books and follow him on twitter and Facebook. Aside from his less than savory attitude is his willingness to do exactly as the title suggest. He has climbed into guano covered caves in Jamaica, rolled a four wheeler over the top of himself, driven a Jet Ski across the water and travels to places most people would refuse to go. Like Kurdistan.

Recently Bourdain was on Countdown with Keith Olberman - another of my favorites - claiming that being obese is "unpatriotic."

While I don't agree with his statement on obesity, I do agree with Bourdain that we have a problem in the U.S. - we are fat and not doing too much about it. Hi, kettle? This is the pot.

Yes, I am a fatty. Not happy about it, but it is true. And, being that way allows me to have the perspective I have.

People in the U.S. are too quick to turn to fast-food establishments to provide themselves with sustenance. These types of establishments are often laden with saturated fats, preservatives, flavor enhancers and many other things that most folks wouldn't dare think of consuming if they knew the truth!

In response to Bourdain's comments many of his fans are pissed off. I have to ask why? Had you read any of his books you would know that he abhors obesity. But I think what pissed people off the most is the fact that Bourdain called it as it is. We are lazy and we don't mind what we stick in our face! It's true! Eggs and bacon should not be served between glazed donuts; Mac and cheese should not be served with bacon on Texas toast!

The other issue Bourdain addresses is how lazy we have become. Again, this is true. We are too quick to come home, turn on the television, video game, whatever else we do that isn't physical, and zone out until we go to bed.

Instead of getting mad at Bourdain, why not try and do something about it? Put down that extra cheeseburger, turn off the television and go outside and play. Hell, take a walk around the neighborhood, you will feel better for it.

Now, with all this being said, let me add that there are those who have a medical problem causing them to be heavy. Some may take pills, thyroid, and so on. I understand that.

But it doesn't take much to make ourselves a little healthier. If you eat out, try the medium or small size instead of the large, park a little further away from work, take the stairs instead of the elevator, stand up and stretch every half hour, eat and apple instead of a doughnut Do something to make yourself a little more active and I guarantee you will feel and look better.