Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Primal living, well duh!

I started reading a book, The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson this morning and was immediately struck with a sense of realization. Mainly, I knew what he was telling me.

Ok, so, being a heavy person I tend to search information on how to shed pounds. Of course the prevailing concept is the one-two-punch of diet and exercise. Right? Right. But then there are the questions, "What kind of diet should I do?" "How much exercise?" Etc, etc.

Here is the truth of it, exercise daily and eat sensibly. Bingo! That is the answer to the weight loss struggle. I promise it's true. But, if you want to look at things other than your weight, then look at what is in your food.

While finishing up college I took a nutrition class. This class was a more in-depth look at the average health class you get in school. The one chapter that hit me the most was on Bio-Accumulation. What is that? Well, it is the accumulation of the all the crap that is put in our foods by the food companies. Our bodies do not know how to process this junk and as a result, it stores it. Sure, the stuff eventually finds its way out, but not before doing some damage. Damage like, adding to our weight gain, hindering our immune system and generally wreaking havoc on our bodies.

Basically, it does nothing but bad to us.

Lately - within the last several years - organic has become an everyday term. Of course with a fancy name comes a higher price. So, as a result, many of us shy away from it. Are we missing out? Possibly. According to FDA regulation food companies can put the "organic" label on their products as long as they meet certain qualifications. Yes, some chemicals are still allowed.

And meat! Well, that's a scary situation right there. Most of the meat we buy in the grocery store is feed lot raised and steroid injected. Grow em big fast and send them to the slaughter house, that seems to be the wish of those types.

Wow, with so much crap out there how do we beat it? This is where this book comes in to play.

See, the author of the book suggest we eat completely organic vegetables - either grown by you or purchased at the local Farmer's Market - and range fed meat.

Sisson indicates that by doing this we reprogram our bodies to better process our foods, have a stronger immune system, and generally live longer, healthier lives.

Does it work? I have no clue. Is it expensive. Yes, I would think it is. But so is triple-bypass surgery brought on by a life of consuming junk. Or the constant injection of insulin because our obesity and poor life choices have led to diabetes.

Then again, if you aren't buying the Dorritos or Chocolate Coated Sugar Bomb cereal you will be able to spend a little more money on higher quality food.

Something to think about.

As to exercise, Sisson recommends a daily dose. He suggests you do a mix of strength training and cardio. Kind of a no brainer, huh?