Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The sun seeps in my window drawing reflections of school

The hands on the clock are settling into the 4 p.m. position. The sun is pouring in through my office window and a veil of sleepiness is settling on my eyes. A nap is not an option at work.

Although for me, napping is rarely an option. In fact, the last time I had a regular nap schedule was when I was in school, High School!

I graduated in 1993 from North Pole High School in North Pole, Alaska. I didn't have the best grades, attendance, attitude, or anything really. I spent the majority of my time in the choir room or in the theater. I didn't play sports or was a member of any sort of club. I was just there, floating through a sea of students, wanting to get out as fast as I can.

Sure, looking back know there where times I had a lot of fun. In fact, there are parts of school that I loved. Mr. Duncan's honors English class my Freshman year was awesome. His 12th grade English class was one of my favorites.

The afore mentioned choir and theater program kept me sane and stable through an otherwise insane, unstable time in any kid's life.

History was another class I really enjoyed. Mr. Romans and Mr. Armstrong are two teachers I think of often. Math on the other hand…well.

Of course there were the friends. Those of you I actually stay in contact with know who you are.

I didn't really have a girlfriend in school. Frankly, I was too embarrassed to talk to members of the opposite sex. Although there were crushes.

There were those in my class I thought were too cool. And basically unapproachable. Sure, I talked to them from time-to-time, but they always seemed to have a level that I couldn't reach. Not that they would treat me badly, quite the contrary, they were often very nice to me.

Looking back, school wasn't a bad thing. Not really, instead it was me. I didn't know how to fit in a world that was opening up to me. But that's ok, I have no regrets.

Actually, life after high school is where I really flourished.

Still, at 36-years-old and with the advent of Facebook, I think about high school from time-to-time. I remember old friends and fiends. Mostly I can laugh, other times I just shake my head. How young we were, how immature, how sure we knew all. How wrong.

So to the class of NPHS '93 I say, "Cheers! May the roads you have travelled been good to you."