Monday, January 23, 2012

Is it time to give it up?

As my age hovers closer and closer to the 40 year mark, I am starting to look at myself and truly question some of my actions. now, I am not doing any self reflecting here, just looking at the things I do in my day-today activities and wonder if it is necessary for me to do it. Or, perhaps, is it time for me to make a change?

For several years I have been a gamer. I play all types of games; console, computer, table top, card, board and dice. I have collected books, cards, miniatures and digital gear. I wouldn't say it defines who I am, but it definitely plays a big part.

Recently I have decided to venture back into the realm of TCGs (Trading card Games for those who don't know) with the World of Warcraft TCG and Magic: The Gathering.

Historically games were a great way to meet people. I could head down to my local card/comic shop and search the billboards for postings of people looking for like minded players. I have made some lasting friendships this way - Rob Maes, Denny Aaron Carter, Kit and Jem Larson, to list a couple.

With computer games, especially MMO's, I have met even more. Granted, I have never met these people in a face-to-face setting, the relationships are just as lasting.

So the thought was maybe I could meet some folks here in Sheridan, Wy. that play card games. But, for the first time ever, I am apprehensive about my decision.

See, gamers are a pretty unique crowd. In this case, most stereotypes do apply. They are often smelly because the fail to shower, geeky, socially inept and dysfunctional, and all around out of their elements in normal circumstances outside the realm of their games. They can be argumentative about the games, rule mongering and much more.

I will say I am none of these things. I am very clean, I read the rules but am willing to bend them for the spirit of the game, I would rather play a game than argue about it, and I do well in non-game environments.

Plus, I am approaching 40! I would think that at this point I would be the old guy at the game nights that all the kids would quietly make fun of. I know, I did it!Add to this mix the fact that I am married (yes, I am a male gamer who actually got married) and I have kids! Shock I know, most gamers only aspire for the next great gaming moment, I actually aspired for marriage and family; and I had sex! Surprise, surprise.

So now I have to wonder if it is time to give it up. Time to finally say, "I'm a big kid now!" (Yes I know, that's a reference to a diaper commercial but it seemed oddly apropos)