Saturday, January 14, 2012

A quick note from the Wyoming Press Association Convention

It's approaching eight a.m. as I sit here in one of the conference rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn in Laramie, Wyoming. I am one of several people attending the 2012 Wyoming Press Association winter convention. Unlike many of my colleagues though, I am up early and ready to start the day.

Last night was a night of games, talking, laughing and lots of drinking. Apparently the old stereotype that newspaper people like to drink is not too far from the truth. Still, no one got stupid and everyone seemed to have a good time. I tend to be fairly reserve when I am away from home. I don't like making an ass of myself unless my wife is there to keep me grounded. Bless her for that.

The convention so far has been entertaining and informative. I have been able to attend one class so far and should be able to get a couple more in today. Later this afternoon, a group of us will go over to the University of Wyoming campus to watch a Cowboys' basketball game. I am excited about this as I have never been and, for the most part, enjoy basketball.

Tonight we will sit and watch as newspapers in Wyoming are awarded various awards for excellence. Our two Wyoming newspapers have won some of the accolades so it will be fun to watch. Then tonight there will be more drinking, more laughing and more talking.

It's good, really, all the talking we have done; I have been able to meet several people from Wyoming who work at, or run, other newspapers. Many of the people I have been introduced to are older in years, but, those that I am not meeting, are much younger.

Seeing younger folks at these conventions is heartening. It shows there that there is hope for the community newspapers; that people still believe in them; that the younger crowd still cares.