Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let the music surround you

My commute to work is all of about five minutes. Maybe two or three minutes longer if there is a bit of traffic or a deer in the road. Otherwise, it's pretty much a straight shot. 

You wouldn't think that in that time I would find the time to listen to music, but I tell you, dear reader, that you couldn't be more wrong. I do.

See, in the mornings, after I drop off my son, I take a minute to plug my Iphone into the stereo and quickly select a song to listen to. With my time being so limited, I try to be very precise. This morning it was Volbeat, Fallen. 

Then, once the song is selected, I turn the volume up and let the music flood my car. I hate listening to music at a low volume. My wife and I fight over the volume of the music constantly. She likes to turn it down and use it as background noise, I on the other hand like it turn up. Way up. 

It's like I am transported to a world where it's just me and the song. And in that world, the volume has to be so high that there is no escaping the music. So loud that not even jamming pencils deeply into your ears would drown out the sound. Ok, that might actually work, but you get my point. 

With the volume up I feel as if I become one with the song and that nothing else matters at that very moment. Except when I get a call and my Iphone kills the music to indicate said call. Talk about annoying. I mean, what gives my phone the right to give calls more importance that my music? How dare it! I suppose being a phone first has something, but whatever. All I want in that moment is music. 

Since moving to Sheridan, I have been on several long car rides by myself. I know to some folks the idea of driving more than a couple of hours by yourself may seem daunting, but I enjoy it. I enjoy it because I am not alone. I am not alone because I always have my Ipod with me. 

You'll notice the switch from Iphone to Ipod there. On long car rides, I think it's more important to carry the more powerful Ipod with me for my musical entertainment that to rely on my Iphone. It helps that my Ipod has well over 2,000 songs on it.  As I drive across Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana or South Dakota, my Ipod keeps the tunes playing for me.  

There is, on the occasion, that I turn the music off for a few minutes - even I enjoy silence from time-to-time, but eventually it gets powered back up and the music is once again a part of me. 

Is this weird? Does this make me odd? Do I care? Nope, I sure don't.