Friday, January 11, 2013

A new year, time for change

With the first full week of 2013 behind us, I think I see some things that need to change. Yes, I know what you're thinking, "Already?"

Yep, already. So here goes. 

First, you need to stop referring to a man's friendship with another man as a "Bromance." Although this term was made popular by the movie, "I love You Man," there is nothing funny about it. Seriously, just because I call my brother-in-law and talk to him about the football game doesn't mean I am engaged in a "Bromance." I mean, what does it even mean?! It's a friendship, nothing more, and needs to be left as such. 

Murses. Some of you may be asking, "What is a 'Murse?' " A Murse is a bag carried by a man that is not a back pack. It is usually slung over the shoulder in the same fashion as a woman carrying a purse. 

Men typically try to position the bag more to the front or rear of their body to avoid looking like a purse. But, someone, somewhere declared this carrying device a murse and it has now made its way into standard vernacular. 

Speaking of vernacular, let's do away with the word, "Chillaxing." My spell checker has flagged this word as being spelled incorrectly. Why? Because it's not a word! It is instead an amalgamation of two words, chilling and relaxing. One does indeed mean to relax, while the other means to make cold. Yes, I know the urban dictionary definition of the word, "chill," is "to hang out, to be easy going, etc." However, that's the Urban Dictionary. 

Let's see, other trends, or growing trends, that need to end this year. 

School shootings. This seems like it's becoming the norm, let's hope this year things change. 

Politicians lying to us. Okay, I have a better chance of winning the lottery than this one coming true, but it's worth a thought!

Bullying, I mean seriously, don't our children have enough to worry about? 

So that's probably enough for now. Interestingly, when I look over the list, it becomes clear where the change needs to come from. Each and everyone of us. Only we have the power to end all this. I guess change really does start with us.

Enjoy 2013, friends, I know I will!