Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Accepting and loving who I am - step 1

"He who knows himself is enlightened." Lao Tzu

After 41 years of being alive, I am not sure I truly know myself. So, in the spirit of the sharing, I did last week, let's see if I can get to know myself a little better. We are going to start with what I like about myself. 

Here are four things:

1. Curious - I like that I am curious. I don't like being told something is the way it is without knowing why. If you can't tell me why I am going to try and find out. Now, admittedly, sometimes I forget to go and find out. I rationalize it as that something just wasn't important enough to me to go figure out. Other times I am so interested I will drop everything and work on figuring out the why. I attribute being curious with always wanting to learn. I always want to learn. 

2. I can sing - I love to sing. And, thankfully, I can do it well enough. Singing is an excellent way to vent frustrations, emotions, or anything else built up inside me that I need to release. So far no one has thrown a shoe at me after listening to my caterwauling - yet. 

3. Nerd - I love the fact that I am a nerd. I really do. I like that I enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, superheroes, comic books, games, etc. I want to attend cons dressed to the nines in steampunk gear. I like reading and talking about "nerd stuff." It really is a large part of me. 
As seen here, I typically am
wearing some sort of "nerd shirt"
under my work clothes. 

4. Romantic - I am a hopeless romantic. I truly am. I see the romance in the typical long walk on the beach. I still hold the door open for my wife. I still make her coffee in the morning (sometimes I forget). When it's snowy out, I make sure to have a pathway shoveled to her car so she doesn't have to walk in the snow. Yeah... I am hopeless. :-)

So these are just minor things but it's a start. It's a start in the journey to better understand myself and, hopefully, love me for me. 

Feel free to share something about you in the comments. I appreciate it when you do.