Friday, April 29, 2016


I apply the brakes bringing my 2006 GMC Envoy to a complete stop at the four-way intersection. The driver to the right of me was at the stop sign just seconds before I was, so had the right away.
He made his turn, and once he was out of my path, I began making mine. Meanwhile, the driver behind the other guy steps on the gas and cuts me off.
I stomped on the break, stunned, at the rudeness.
Shaking my head as the guy flies past me I try to think of every possible reason for the guy doing this. Was he late? Was he on his way to an emergency situation at the hospital? I don't. Truth be told, it could be any number of reasons.
Or, simply, it could be he is just an inconsiderate person.
I do a lot of walking in this town. Whether it's me getting the mail for work or taking my dog out for some exercise, I have covered a few miles. More often than not I experience something along these lines.
I have truly had to jump back, or run through an intersection, as someone blows a red light, or rolls through a stop sign with no obvious intention of stopping.
Aerosmith once sang, "There's something wrong with the world today, I don't know what it is." Ya know, I think I know what it is. We have all forgot what it means to care.
Seriously. People have become so wrapped up in their own world they can see beyond their own sense of self. No one seems to care about anyone else.
When did this happen? When did we become the generation of "Fuck off?" Why?
Walking around Denver this weekend, seeing the homeless, not knowing their stories, but seeing the obvious pain etched across their face, destroyed me emotionally. I wanted to help but was completely lost to how. And, apparently so was everyone else walking past not giving them some much as a nod of acknowledgment. It was either that or they just didn't care.
Sometimes just acknowledging someone is all it takes for that person to feel human.
Since when did smiling at a random stranger become an insult? Since when did we forget to say, "thank you," to someone who took the time to hold the door for us?
And why? Why do we forget? What has happened to decency, love of your fellow man, or anything else? They say people are so politically correct and sensitive today but I say that's wrong.
I say we are so self-absorbed that we don't care about anyone else.
It's not hard to be decent. Did you now that? It's not hard at all. It's not hard to hold a door open. It's not hard to say, "thank you." It's not hard to acknowledge someone with no other intentions but to say hello.
This concept of decency seems so easy yet I can't even seem to articulate it. My frustrations are dripping from my fingers in such a way that I don't know how to say it.
Stop being assholes! Take the time to express simple human decency to someone, anyone. My god people. Don't wait. Do it. Do it now.
Because why you are so worried about your cell phone, how many likes your latest selfie got, whether or not that story was written just to offend you, whether this post offends you, someone is suffering. Silently. Quietly. Suffering. And by you saying a simple hello, holding a door, or just being a decent, considerate person, you could change the fate of that person.
Trust me. I know.
So now I think back to the driver earlier this afternoon. While he forced me to stomp on my breaks to avoid hitting him, and showed nothing but rudeness and disrespect for pushing his way forward, I harbor no ill will. If I saw that person on the side of the road with a flat tire, I would offer my help.
I am done being cynical. To the rest of world, I will not let you bring me down. I will fight all the way to Valhalla to ensure it. You will not win, with your anger, cynicism, and hate. I will show you I can rise above. I will absorb those emotions and return nothing but decency back. And, in some instances, I will show you, love.